Wrong Drug Usage

The old issue yet new to explore

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World Health Organization (WHO) address the situation of medication error can be happen in our society because of professional practices, mal-practice/fraudulent practices by healthcare professionals, health care products, medication manufacturing system, prescription of drugs, information regarding drugs and doses, labeling of products, packaging, nomenclature, compounding, dispensing, distribution, administration, education awareness…


A designed task for new programmers

OutPut created by Author

Step no: 01

First we create original signals without noise (sinusoidal, sampled, quantized and encoded signal)

% Using a 2-bit ADC and an appropriate sampling frequency,

%convert the first 10 samples of the following analogue signal in to its

%equivalent PCM encoded binary data.

clear all; clc

% intialize max.freq. & sampling rate


I love to write about diverse Topics, I am healthcare Engineer and Business woman. Learning new things is my passion.

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