The Untold Mystery

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Just after 1 A.M on March 8th, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight Number 370, en route to Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, checked in with Malaysian air traffic control.

“Good night, Malaysia Three Seven Zero” were the last words anyone heard from flight MH370 before the Boeing 777 disappeared from the face of the earth with 239 souls on board.

Now, 6 years later, there are still more questions than answers about the Malaysian Air Mystery- and what we now know about missing flight MH370 is truly shocking.

Almost immediately after the last check-in, just as the plane was crossing from…


A designed task for new programmers

OutPut created by Author

Step no: 01

First we create original signals without noise (sinusoidal, sampled, quantized and encoded signal)

% Using a 2-bit ADC and an appropriate sampling frequency,

%convert the first 10 samples of the following analogue signal in to its

%equivalent PCM encoded binary data.

clear all; clc

% intialize max.freq. & sampling rate








title(‘sinosidal signal’)

% calculate first 10 samples of unquantized signal





title(‘Sampled signal’)

% calculate resolution of the quantizer



%delta=dynamic range /L-1


% calculate level voltages



% assign voltages





% average…


Let’s explore some detail concept about Marketing

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In this context, firstly I am going to describe comparing and contrasting a 4Ps approach to marketing versus the value approach i.e., creating, communicating, and delivering value. What we know about marketing is that marketing involves delivering values. The concept of 4Ps in marketing is historically adopted and described in modern ways. There are various demands which remain unfulfilled that even can’t be possible to solve with marketing strategies because it is marketing strategies cannot be considered universal in terms of appeal, implementation, and acceptance. In some cases, the utilization of the 4Ps…

Case Study

Let’s explore the Epic Management and Successful Strategies of DaVita

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A listing in fortune500 Corporation ranked 188th in 2019, Dvita Inc is the healthcare sector that is providing service to the End-Stage-Renal Disease (ESRD) Patients with the genuine health management of Renal Population. Davita’s fundamental dealing is with ESRD patients and to provide dialysis service with top-notch facilities including the RX-pharmacy facilitator created by Davita to provide eligible patients medications with the authentic route. In this case study, we highlighted the Entrepreneurial analysis of Davita INC and their health care partners, how they formed and how they grew from their initial financial stages and how they are growing with current…

Business — Flashback

Let’s explore the Airline’s business decision

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American Airlines industry was going through a tremendous renovation in 1981. After implementing the Airline Deregulation act of 1978, American Airlines, a leading aviation company, reported a loss of $76 million. The company urgently needed some cash for expansion, but interest rates were record high so they used their customer base to generate cash. Someone in the management had a ‘brilliant’ idea — they would offer a lifetime free first-class air travel pass to their wealthiest customers.

Lifetime Free First Class Air Travel Pass

The travel pass would be truly limitless — not any sneaky ‘condition apply’ limitation attached to the scheme. The person holding this pass…


Let’s dig the hidden treasure of Timbuktu

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Timbuktu is a city located in Mali within the continent of Africa. Historically, people hide their treasures outside of Timbuktu, and on the edge of the Sahara desert. They buried chests in the desert sand, hid them in the caves, and sealed them in secret rooms. Inside these chests was a treasure more valuable than gold: the city’s ancient books.

Timbuktu is founded around 1100 CE in what is now called Mali, the city of Timbuktu started as an unremarkable trading place for the merchant. This city was rich in culture and heritage. Because of the location of Timbuktu, it…

Medical Technology

Let’s explore the Medical Technology story

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Many deaths have been caused due to cardiovascular diseases for decades. The heart we call a pumping machine is also called a vital organ which function is to pumping blood and gather oxygen (O2) in our body. Historically the cure to fight against heart diseases was quite impossible as years have passed. Now we have come across various treatments that support the heart from numerous diseases. Now a day’s these treatments with countless drugs and technologies are in the light of research.

There are various experiments historically performed by many scientists on electrical therapy. The first experiment of electrical therapy…

Fully-Funded Opportunities

Competitive & Fully-Funded Scholarships 2021

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As I mentioned in my previous story that being a scholar is not an easy responsibility for knowledge seekers. However, at the same time, it is excited and lucky to be the knowledge digger between competitive societies. At the platform of education where learning matters and at the same time, win and loss can re-shape the career life of the scholar. With the transformation of world regulation, the source of getting an education is to keep changing with its pace. …


Historic and New trends in Biomedical Engineering

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Today I select this topic to share with you because many people don’t have any idea about the Biomedical Engineering field. When I joined my Postgraduate (MBA) class, one of my professors asked about my primary degree that which subject of engineering you have done in your bachelor’s studies? I replied I had done Biomedical Engineering. Honestly, neither had they got any knowledge about the Biomedical Engineering field, nor they heard. I explained to all about this field, but they only know that this field is new and got no scope in today’s job market.

That is the common thought…

Research & Innovation

Trending Research Areas of 2021–2030

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Being a scholar and researcher is not easy for everyone. It is true that when the world is at rest, scholars and researchers are always knock up for solving the burning issues of society. During these days where the world is taking precautionary measures from an on-going pandemic, scientists are ready for experiments and practical exposures for sorting out the problems.

If I write about today’s brave worriers, I always mention no one except scholars and scientists who put their lives at the stack to solving problems. …


I love to write about diverse Topics, I am healthcare Engineer and Business woman. Learning new things is my passion.

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